Wednesday, January 2, 2008


In case you all hadn't realized that by now. My feelings of hate for this man are so strong I had to illustrate them. For anyone who would like to add this graphic to their blog, feel free to save it.

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Huckabee has publicly stated that he would seek to criminalize doctors that perform abortions:"I think if a doctor knowingly took the life of an unborn child for money, and that's why he was doing it, yeah, I think you would, you would find some way to sanction that doctor," Huckabee said during an appearance on NBC's Meet the Press. "I don't know that you'd put him in prison, but there's something to me untoward about a person who has committed himself to healing people and to making people alive who would take money to take an innocent life and to make that life dead."

But it's ok, because Huckabee has said he wouldn't try to punish women who have abortions:"The former governor said he would not support penalizing women who sought abortions even if they were outlawed. 'I think you don't punish the woman, first of all, because it's not about ... I consider her a victim, not a criminal.'

OK, first of all, just ignore what he's actually saying and listen to how he says it: "making peole alive"??? "make that life dead"? I know Arkansas is rural, but Clinton didn't speak this badly.

And now for the flaws in his statement:

  • he seems to assume that all abortion providers are men
  • he seems to be saying here that abortion providers are wrong if they charge for their services - so, what, free abortions are okay?
  • he seems to think that women are too stupid to realize what they are doing, so, when a woman is getting an abortion, she doesn't realize that she's, well, getting an abortion, so you can't punish her. Just the bad male doctor who victimized the stupid woman and made the baby's life dead for money
  • he wants to outlaw abortion completely. No exceptions for rape victims, women whose birth control failed, or women who have health problems that make pregnancy unsafe
  • so far I have not heard Huckabee utter a single word about improving the foster care system in this country. He wants women to HAVE to have babies regardless of their circumstances or ability to support children, but doesn't seem to have given a single thought to helping those babies once they are born.
  • women as helpless victims - Huckabee seems to believe that women are helpless and at the utter mercy of exploitative abortion providers (men) who want to make a quick buck by aborting the woman's child, and the poor woman doesn't understand the reality of what she is doing when she seeks an abortion.

And to make matters worse, Huckabee is a member of the National Right to Life commitee, which believes that any form of birth control that prevents implantation of a fertilized egg in the urterus is a form of medical abortion. So not only does this guy believe that abortion should be outlawed period, but he also doesn't believe in hormonal birth control. So what, he wants to FORCE women in this country to get pregnant and have babies?

Why God, why? Why are people like Benazir Bhutto assassinated while Huckabees roam the earth?

There is a poll on YouPoll about Huckabee's stance on abortion, I wish they had extended it to birth control as well. One of the comments on the Washington Post article said that they agreed that "unecessary" abortions should be made illegal. OK, well, who decides what constitutes a "necessary" abortion? If the woman used birth control correctly and it failed, or if the woman was raped, or if the woman has a health condition that makes the pregnancy unsafe for her, or if the couple finds that the fetus has a disease or disability? What about if the woman lives in a small town and the pharmacists in that town decide they don't want to dispense prescription birth control or the morning after pill?

This really scares me. These people want to take away birth control and abortion. Why do they want to force women to have babies?


Rachel said...

Ugh. I'm with you. This election is making me more and more sick as the days go by...seems every single "right" candidate out there wants to overturn Roe V Wade. This can't be good news to those of us who wish to make our own choices concerning childbearing. No birth control (other than abstinence which doesn't fly for married couples and those in LTRs) method is 100% effective. What annoys me even worse is that a mostly MALE congress and mostly MALE executive branch wants to make these decisions for FEMALES. There's something wrong with all that.

Let's hope that this choice isn't one that gets taken away from us.

Michelle L. said...

I am totally with you. This planet is scaring me lately. These religious misogynists want to reduce women to incubators to breed their little army of god. I am seriously considering a shooting spree. Join me?

Dora said...

I would like the graphic better if it didn't have "hate" spelled out and was just "I [crossed out heart] Huckabee"

Or can we call him Hickabee? Fuckabee?

UGH. At least we know that the neocon and corporate side of the Repubs hates him too.

Renee said...

Love love love the graphic. I just might steal it if things get too out of hand... and last night was an ominous foreshadowing of things getting out of hand on the GOP side.

I'm surprised you consistently refer to him with an "H" instead of an "F." You have more self-control than I!

Feminist Gal said...

totally agree - he's a nut job...

My only solace is that if he wins the GOP primaries, then at least i think we'll have a better shot of taking the general election. I think he's a bit too extreme for the moderate conservatives and although he is loved by the evangelical Christians, they don't make up the majority of Republicans in our country... right? i hope...?
He is a smooth talker, and lots of charisma that one - that's what scares me... hopefully he doens't fool too many people with that charm...
oh yea and "fuckabee" - i LVOE it!!! ;)