Thursday, January 24, 2008

South Park Episode About Nuclear Device In Hillary Clinton's "Snatch"

Last night, Comedy Central aired an episode of South Park called "The Snuke". The plot: Hillary Clinton comes to South Park to campaign, and Cartman discovers that terrorists are targeting her campaign rally. The police bring in a bomb sniffing pig (commentary on Bill?) that detects a nuclear device hidden in Hillary's vagina, or "snatch". Hence, the title of the episode, "The Snuke".

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not a prude, and I usually do enjoy South Park (although the episode about The Passion, where Mel Gibson jumps around like a monkey and smears feces on himself was just bizarre), but the entire episode revolved around the fact that Hillary Clinton has a vagina. I would think that the South Park writers would come up with something more original, creative, and...funny.

What, did they sit in a room and go "How can we bust on Hillary?" "Oh, I know...she has a vagina, let's do something with that!" "And let's draw her with super wide hips and a huge ass, even though she doesn't have them." Because that's the generic formula for belittling women - make jokes about violating them, and call them ugly or fat.

This episode isn't even new, it was originally aired in March of 2007. I missed that one, and didn't see any news about it. But how ironic that now, after Clinton has shown that she is a real contender for the Democratic ticket, Comedy Central decides to re-run that episode of South Park. It's as if now that people have seen that Clinton actually has a shot, people feel they have to wave their arms and yell "Hey, she has a vagina, remember!? And we drew her with a huge ass, haw haw haw!"

South Park has done some brilliant satires of celebrities in the past, and it's really disappointing that they decided to go the old, trite, unfunny sexist route and just call attention to the fact that hey, Hillary Clinton has GIRL PARTS.

As if that weren't enough, when the authorities have the "snuke" removed from Hillary's body, they had her react as if she enjoyed the experience and it was sexually pleasurable. Yeah, I'm sure it's totally realistic to expect a woman to be aroused by having a HUGE mechanical device yanked out of her vagina. I expected much funnier things from them. I didn't expect mysogeny.


InnerKeening said...

I actually think that Hillary doesn't have girl parts. I think she's more robotic, like the Bears at Chuck E Cheese and her campaign people are actually the ones spreading the stories about her girl parts to fool us into believing that she actually has them.

Patar said...

It's easy to judge a show by it's surface, interpret it's main theme; but you can't really easily intuit the reasons behind them by it's creators, or even the choice to re-run it. I doubt anything here is either sexist or political. The creators of 24 loved the episode, and even sent them a suitcase nuke prop from the show.