Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Funniest Thing I've Seen in a Long Time

I bought The Best of the Colbert Report on DVD for my boyfreind for Christmas. We watched some of it last night (it contains over 6 hours of footage!) and I don't remember that last time I laughed so hard. Ok, I do, it was a while ago when we rented Superbad. But this collection of best moments from the Colbert Report is fucking hilarious!. I had serious doubts about Colbert's ability to carry his own show when he left The Daily Show, but I have to say, he's even funnier than Jon Stewart. And I love love love the way he makes fun of politicians in the "interviews" he does for Better Know a District. My favorite is the one he did with John Hall, representative from New York's 19th district, who was in the band Orleans. John and Stephen did a duet of one of Orlean's songs. I couldn't find that on Comedy Central's site, but here is a clip where they do a duet of the National Anthem. The one with Eleanor Holmes Norton was a close second, due to her total lack of understanding that Stephen was joking, and how angry she got.

His duet with Barry Manilow had me laughing so hard I cried. Ah, Stephen Colbert...smart, witty, and sarcastic. And he can sing! I think I have a new crush.


Feminist Gal said...

I know!!! I absolutely love him too!!! I heard a rumor that he is back? I guess he aired a show last night (that i missed!grrr) so I will definitely can catch the rerun tonight!!!

Oh and i LOVE how he is the only host on tv who invites guests up but is the one who comes in while the audiance applaudes, instead of the guests! lol

Shannon said...

I gotta say my heart belongs to Jon Stewart. Both shows crack me up, but they are a good balance. Word of the day is my fav.