Sunday, December 30, 2007

Fuckabee's Secret Past

Apparently Huckabee (or Fuckabee, as I not-so-affectionately refer to him) has a dirty past that for some reason has not come up in the campaign coverage. Gee, could it be that someone is being paid off to not mention Huckabee's numberous brushes with the Arkansas Ethics Committee?

In a November 30th interview on NPR's On the Media, Max Brantley, editor of the Arkansas Times, mentions some of the details of Huckabee's questionable use of the governor's mansion operating account, and "a laundry list of Huckabee's brushes with the Arkansas Ethics Commission, something he wishes those national columnists would take the time to learn about."

Brantley mentions Huckabee's misuse of the operating account to purchase meals, a dog house, dry cleaning, and other personal expenses. Huckabee also claimed furniture donated to the governor's mansion as his personal furniture, then changed his stance when he realized it was illegal for him to claim the furniture as his own property, claiming he was misunderstood and misquoted. Gee, that sounds just like his claim on December 28th that yes, he was aware that martial law had been lifted in Pakistan, but he was asking "Would it be placed back in?" due to Bhutto's death. Oh, that makes perfect sense, sure. And, great grammar.

I honestly don't know what I'll do if Huckabee gets the Republican nomination. For him to get even that far would be frightening. Bush has done so much in the past 8 years to erode women's rights and access to health care that it's hard to imagine it could get worse. But electing a man who signed a statement by the Southern Baptist Convention saying that women should "graciously submit to their husband's sacrificial leadership"and believes that birth control pills and emergency contraception (the morning after pill) cause abortions (he's a member of the National Right to Life committee)- yeah, that would definitely be worse.


InnerKeening said...

hey, cut him some slack, at least he bought a dog house!

Angry Grrl said...

I know you don't need more reasons, but in case you haven't yet, do a google search on Mike Huckabee+Wayne Dumond -- it's a thousand times worse than Willie Horton.