Tuesday, February 26, 2008

So Cool!

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So the NuvaRing welcome kit comes with a little timer. You start it when you put the NuvaRing in, and it beeps when it's time to put in the new one. But the REALLY cool thing, which really appeals to the techie geek in me, si that you can download a NuvaTime app to your computer!


InnerKeening said...

Ok, I'm a little confused. Do you have to carry that little timer around with you, and what do you do if it goes off in a meeting at work?

We're not talking uterus expelling possibilities again, are we?

GottabeMe said...

No, you put the little timer in your bathroom or kitchen.

The app puts a virtual timer on your PC. I wouldn't put that on my work PC...

Feminist Gal said...

Have you seen this?