Friday, February 15, 2008

I Can't Believe People Need to Have These Things Pointed Out to Them...

But, they do. A new department director in my company, who started two weeks ago and came from a company that rhymes with "schmay oh elle" (whose employees seem to be defecting to my company at an alarming rate), in his first three weeks at my company, has:

  • shown up for work every day wearing ratty jeans, tennis shoes, a t shirt with stuff printed on it and a wrinkled button down shirt sloppily, partially buttoned over the t shirt
  • failed to use his hair brush since starting this new job
  • skin so pale I briefly wondered if his genius dad built an underground fallout shelter and he lived in it for the first 35 years of his life
  • complained about having to be at work by 9 am today for a meeting
  • showed up 20 minutes late to the 9 am meeting without calling or emailing to say he was running late, and without apologizing for keeping the rest of us waiting
  • showed up without the document that was being discussed at the 9 am meeting
  • argued that the document was never sent to him, and didn't admit he was wrong when it was pointed out that it was sent to him at 4:32 yesterday
  • in his second meeting at his new job, used the word "douchebag"

Click to enlargeSigh...

Now, I'm no puritan, and I have a pottymouth. I have used vulgarity and done some creative cursing. HOWEVER - - NOT. AT. WORK.

I cannot imagine what was going through this guy's mind to blurt out the word "douchebag" in his second meeting in this new job. Then again, he loves the sound of his own voice, laughs really hard at his own jokes, and makes jokes about programming...I think I'm going to break out in hives from the nerdiness factor. Why do I have to work with so many fucktards? Why can't I just work with NORMAL PEOPLE??? Is that too much to ask???


InnerKeening said...

That's because this moron is from the new generation, generation: I'm a fucking moron that thinks I should get bonuses just for showing up for work and not doing anything I can leave whenever I want and ride a skateboard for money generation.

I think we should just eliminate that whole generation, skip it completely and hope the next generation is actually worth something.

Feminist Gal said...

haha, as long as he isn't your supervisor, you should be fine :) if he becomes your boss, then you'll have something to worry about!