Saturday, February 9, 2008

Pimpin' Ain't Easy

Well, for male politicians it is. It's fine for them to have their families campaigning with and for them. But because Chelsea Clinton was campaigning for her mother and making phone calls to celebrities and delegates, MSNBC commentator Bill Shuster said that Hillary had "pimped out" her 27 year old daughter. Never mind that Chelsea grew up in a political family, has politics in her blood, loves her mother and believes in her campaign and naturally wants to do what she can to help.

Never mind that Mitt Romney had his sons driving around and campaigning for him, that was fine. Or that all of the other candidates have had their wives and children make appearances at speeches and help with their campaigns as well. That's fine, but God forbid Chelsea actually make some phone calls on behalf of her mother's campaign. That's clearly prostitution by Hillary.

Bill Schuster has apologized on the air for his remarks and has been suspended by NBC. NBC also offered an apology, but coming after Chris Matthew's chauvanistic comments about Hillary and his apology only a few weeks ago, Clinton may not participate in the February 26th debate scheduled to air on NBC.

I can't blame her. What is she supposed to do now? If she talks about these remarks publicly, then she's playing the "poor me" game, playing for sympathy because she's a poor, picked on woman. If she doesn't address the comments and participates in the debate, then she acts as if it didn't happen and there is really no consequence for commentators who behave this way. She's in a hard spot and I feel for her. That won't change my vote, because I vote on the issues, but I still feel for her. She is getting a different brand of mudslinging and persecution than the other candidates, and it's disgusting.