Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Good News!

I saw a new OBGYN today. She's new at the practice that I've been going to for about 3 years now. I needed to discuss birth control options with her. My dermatologist put me on antibiotics for a couple of months, and of course, that "may decrease the effectiveness of the pill", and I'm not using condoms for the whole 5 or 6 months I'm taking antibiotics, because then what'ss the point of being on the pill, right?

So I talked to her about different options. Implanon - no. Most women who try it have a lot of breakthrough bleeding, even after several months, so then end up having it removed and going to another method. Well, who wants to deal with that? Nobody.

Mirena - it's an IUD that also uses hormones to prevent pregnancy. For women who have not had kids, the insertion can be more painful, and there is a risk (although not a huge one) that you could expel your uterus. Yes, that's right. Your entire fucking uterus. I basically said "Okay, next option?"

Nuva Ring - this one I wasn't sure about. I thought I would worry about whether or not it was in right, etc. My doctor said there is no one "right way". You can feel to check and make sure it's still in. If it's in, as long as it's not uncomfortable, you're good. You remove it every 21 days to have your period. I asked if there was a risk of it coming out during sex. She said it's uncommon, but if it does happen, you rinse it off and put it back in. It can be removed for up to 3 hours without risk of pregnancy.

Wow, well, that sounds...really good! And easy! She explained how to put one in, then left me alone to try it. I happened to be at the end of my period now, so after putting it in and taking it out (to make sure I could), I put it back in.

I don't feel anything at all. I forgot it's there. So for the next couple of months (or until I plan out the rest of my vacation time for the year) it's Nuva Ring.

I did tell her that I don't want kids, and that I have known that for about 4 years now, and am very comfortable with it and sure about it. I'm 32, and the other doctors at that practice didn't want to do a tubal because I'm not married and don't have kids, and were afraid that I might change my mind later. Heh.

She didn't bat an eyelash, and said "At 32 you pretty much know your own mind." We talked about it a bit, and she asked some questions: how does my boyfriend feel? Would he consider having a vasectomy, since it's simpler and less invasive than a tubal? What if we broke up and I met someone who wanted kids? I said "But I still wouldn't want kids, so I wouldn't be with someone who wanted kids." She said take about six months or so to think about it, since it's irreversible, and then if after that, I still wanted to do it, she would do it!


Renee said...

Yay! An OBGYN that respects patients' decisions!! That's exciting.

I'd LOVE to get the NuvaRing but it's really expensive on a college student's budget. Hopefully my future employer grants great health insurance! Until then, my daily pill will suffice.

InnerKeening said...

expel my uterus? Oh that's just freakin nice. Out to dinner with friends and family, standing at the bar, uterus goes shooting into the dining area. Pleasant.

Rachel said...

Let me tell you what I know of the methods you described. I'm 37 and have been on the pill for almost 20 years now.

I DO NOT recommend the IUD for anyone. Everyone I know who has gotten on this has almost immediately started having huge acne breakouts. My best friend (who has high blood pressure) got off pills at the suggestion of my doctor and got the Mirena IUD. Her face absolutely ERUPTED. ClindaGel (clyndamycin topical face ointment) did nothing to control that. We've had to get her SalAc and have her use ClindaGel on top of it. She is still breaking out EVERYWHERE. This is the second friend I've had who got the IUD and had this same issue. Beware!!!

I don't know much about Nuva Ring but it'd drive me nuts to have to put something in every month. Please keep us updated as to any side effects you might have.

I have one friend who is 27 (has no kids, didn't want any either) and got Essure. She loves it, although the test they give you to make sure your tubes are sealed off is expensive and is not covered by most insurances. The procedure itself is, but not the test confirmation (go figure).

For me, it's Seasonale all the way. I have 4 periods a year and love it. Would love to have ZERO but I'm still working on that.