Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Introducing...My Blog!

I have other blogs, but they aren't mine. One is a blog about my pet (yes, I love animals) and others are for the non profit volunteer group I volunteer with. This one is MINE. I will be keeping it anonymous, because honestly, I feel a lot more free to honestly express my opinions that way.

So this is my blog, about what I think. I'll post about stuff that makes me think, stuff that I think is interesting, funny, wierd, and annoying.


Tiara Lynn said...

Thanks for linking me! I'm glad you've enjoyed my blog and I look forward to reading yours!

twiga92 said...

Glad to find other childfree out there! I love animals too. Our 2 cats are such joys in my life. I cannot imagine life without them. So much better than kids (in my opinion anyway :-)

Michelle L. said...

Thank you for linking me!!! Always glad to see another happily CF person out there. I love animals, too, and have a rescue dog and a cat I found under my garage. My SO has a prissy little cornish rex that looks more like a bat than a cat, but she's warming up to the other two!