Friday, November 30, 2007

The Headlines Have it: Survey Says...

If you go to, or any other news site, a quick glance at the headlines will tell you who the really important people are: celebrities (which includes politicians and professional athletes), murdered women, and children/babies that have been killed or abused.

I just glanced at the headlines on, and the headlines include Johnny Carson, Wayne Newton, politicians (who I think fall under the celebrity category because most of them act like celebrities and hobnob with Hollywood's finest at their campaign fundraisers), a murdered pregnant woman, Natalee Holloway, yet more stories about murdered footbal player Sean Taylor, and a total of three stories relating to child abuse, and two headlines about children's toys.

This headline really spelled it out: "Physics expert, baby among plane dead". So the two victims that the general reading public would be most affected by are the physics expert and the baby. Everyone else who died on that plane - who cares.'s leading headline is the death of Evil Knievel, followed by football player Sean Taylor (oh, yes, the country's major concern is how the Redskins are coping with the loss of Sean Taylor. Somehow I think they can all afford therapy), footbal player Michael Vick, a story about a 13 year old boy that died in a house fire, and several headlines about politicans.

The lead story on both sites is the Clinton campaign hostage situation. The hostage-taker released a child, but is still holding an adult woman hostage. Typical.

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