Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I Hate..So Much...These Things...

I can't even put it into WORDS

But I'll try.

Why do I hate them? Well, aside from the fact that someone took an ugly child's toy, enlarged it, and stuck it on the front of a shopping cart - well, that's reason enough. But wait, there's more!

I don't know how long these things are, but they basically double the length of a shopping cart. Yet, the width of the grocery store aisle remains the same. So, guess what happens? These stupid carts take up - you guessed it - twice as much room! So, that's twice as much stuff that you can't get to. AND, as an added inconvenience, if it's at even a slight angle, it can block the entire aisle so that you can't get by! Of course, the parents that push these things (usually moms, in my experience) are so focused on tuning out their annoying, whining, crying, babbling kids that they also tune out everyone else around them.

So when they finally hear you after you practically yell "EXCUSE ME, I NEED TO GET BY!" (only because your first two attempts in a normal speaking tone fell on deaf ears) they startle, then glare at you as if you screamed "HEY, GET THE F*CK OUTTA MY WAY!" and huff as they move along.

So, SO many times, I've been tempted to say something like "Yes, there are other people who need to use this aisle too, and guess what? You are in the way of EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM!", but they are out of my way, so I've held my tongue. Why cause a scene? So I bite my tongue, while the mombie moooves along to inconvenience someone else and pass her sense of entitlement on to her kids.


Angry Grrl said...

Lordy do I hear you! Another one I hate is those monster-SUV strollers, again driven by clueless Moos who manage to block every. single. aisle. at the shopping mall with them, and like you say, get irate when you finally have to scream loud enough to get their attention...

Michelle L. said...

Clueless is right!! God forbid they should just stick the kid in the cart the way my mother did with me. And whatever happened to those litte umbrella strollers my mother used to fold up and stick in the back of the station wagon?

Amazing what a maltreated child I was since I didn't have a gigantor stroller, and get to ride a plastic car around the grocery store.

I can only imagine these moo's reactions if they saw the beatings I used to get every tie I threw a temper tantrum over candy. "Use your words? Inside voice?" More like "Get off that floor or I will kill you and lie to your teachers that you went to live with your dad" hissed through clenched teeth.

Aaaah, the good old days.