Wednesday, December 19, 2007


If you haven't seen the movie Idiocracy, you should rent it. Not only do you get to enjoy Luke Wilson, but the movie is actually funny and it has a point: stupid people keep having kids, and it's just a matter of time before the stupid people take over the world.

My boyfriend and I saw it a couple of months ago, and we're convinced this is going to happen. Just hopefully not within our lifetimes.

My company had a major software release early this morning. Our department "holiday lunch" was planned for yesterday. But someone didn't like the idea of our whole dept. all being out for lunch at once, since we may be needed to help answer calls and help customers. So our lunch was canceled at the last minute yestereday and rescheduled Yes, today. The day of the software release. It was done at 3am, so all of our customers are seeing it for the first time today.

I am not making this up.

That decision was made by someone Higher Up. Nice going.

So today, I was supposed to help with support until noon. They had me down to do support via web chat. Fine. First they said I had to go to the help desk area. OK. After standing around for 30 minutes, they gave me the login info and said I could do this at my own desk. Ooookay.

So I go to my desk, try to log in, and get a message saying that my ID or password is invalid. I reboot and try again. Same message. I email the two people coordinating this effort. One emails me back and says she'll be over as soon as she's off her phone call.

I read, surf the net, catch up on the news. At 10:45 I send a reminder, saying "Remember, I'm only scheduled to do support until noon." No response.

At 11:45 we hear that our department holiday lunch is again cancelled because everyone is needed to help field calls and emails from customers about this new software release. The company will be ordering chicken for us. This means we have to have "working lunches" - eat at your desk in 10 minutes, then back to work.

Fifteen minutes later an email is sent saying that the sporadic login issues have been resolved and there are no calls coming in anymore. But we still can't go to lunch. Grand.

At 12:03 my phone rings, the woman says she'll be right over to log me in to do web chat support. I said "No, it's after noon. I was only supposed to do chat support until noon." She said "Oh, right..."

Then the emails start flowing about how all of the calls/emails have stopped and everything is great and there are no problems. But we still can't go to lunch, and the food's not here yet, as of 12:24 pm.

Oh, and my coworker just found out that our company ordered food from FUCKING POPEYE'S! I shit you not! They expect us to eat that crap???

This is all true. Every. Last. Bit.


InnerKeening said...

I both love and hate the movie Idiocracy. Love it because its very true and hate it because... its very true.

Thankfully Britney Spears' sister is pregnant now, so the world's IQ just hit another all time low.

Rachel said...
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Rachel said...

ETA: Sorry, I deleted this post to correct a typo.

Hi. Found your blog from another childfree blog. I'm late 30's, divorced, work in the IT field, have no kids (& in a LTR with a man who doesn't want any either).

We've not seen this movie, but I'm going to put it on my list of things to watch over Christmas. As much as he and I talk about stupid people having kids, he should love it. He gets plenty of it living in a Mormon state.

I can fully identify with not knowing who to vote for in the upcoming election. None of the candidates so far has impressed me. While I normally lean right, I do break from that from time to time as I am a firm believer that a woman's right to choose should remain legal in this country. Hillary will not get my vote simply because she's a woman. In my mind, she disgusts me to some extent because her fame came on the coat tails of her husband. A true feminist would have thrown Bill out on his ass and divorced him after his little tryst with Monica!

I can relate to a lot of your frustrations, especially within the IT industry. I worked at a helpdesk for 6 years before I left for another software company to work as a trainer.

Childfree people in my area are hard to locate as I live in the "Bible Belt South". We're a dying breed. Here at the holidays it's a real PITA because of all the nosy questions regarding LTRs and having children. Ever want to tell these folks to mind their own fucking business??

GottabeMe said...

Rachel, wow, you and I have a lot in common! We've been lucky - our families seem to grasp the fact that we are not showing any interest in having kids and that we are plenty busy with other things.

Neighbors and strangers are actually the ones who ask those really personal questions the most, especially around the holidays. And some of them mean well, it's just...ugh. I hate to have to explain to these people, who are really just casual acquaintances, that not everyone in the world is daying to have a baybeeeeeee. Then they look at you like you have two

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