Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Laugh Now While you Can

We'll save the crying in case McPalin actually wins, God forbid.

These two are geniuses! My hats are off to them!

Read an article about the video, lyrics author, and the lyrics here. I just wish they'd worked in the Palins' affiliation with the Alaska Independence Party, but I realize that doesn't really rhyme with anything...

On another note, the great John Cleese offers his perspective on Sarah Palin. God, I love him!

And the excellent Rachel Maddow covers Palin's reaction to the announcement that she did abuse her power in the Troopergate scandal.

I LOVE how he bursts out in laughter at the mention of her name! I almost died when he said Monty Python could have written this!

Oh, and one more fun thing:!

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