Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Let's Be Fair, McCain and Palin Have Ties to Domestic Terrorism Too!

So now that most major media outlets have actually admitted that William Ayers has been a professor for years and was named Chicago's Citizen of the Year for his volunteer work, most people are seeing how desperate that smear attempt was.

But let's not leave out McCain and Palin's ties to terrorism! For McCain's part, he has ongoing ties with militant anti-abortion activist Paul Schenck. In fact, McCain met privately with Schenk as recently as a few months ago, >when McCain named Palin his VP. Schenk even posted about the event on his blog.

McCain also voted against the Violance Against Women Act, and voted against several laws that would have protected women and health care providers entering clinics from violence and harrassment by protestors.

Although Palin was never, according to official records, a member of the Alaska Independence Party, her husband Todd was member until 2002, and Palin herself attended some of their events and sent them video messages that were supportive in nature of their "good work". Wow, how patriotic is that? Now the Huffington Post reports that Todd Palin's association with the AIP may present a problem if Todd Palin were to need a security clearance, which, as spouse to Palin, who may be VP, he would probably need.

I keep wondering why mainstream media are not mentioning the Palins' association with a secessionist party, but nobody is tired of mentioning poor William Ayers. That poor guy probably wants to move to a cabin on a lake for a few months.

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