Monday, March 10, 2008

Headline: "If you want more sex, do the dishes"

Don't you love the headline? You'd think that the moment a man put a dish in the sink his wife/girlfriend was shoving him down on the bed because all woman secretly have a fetish for men in rubber gloves and aprons.

Hardly. But what's really the big shocker here? Think about it: in households where men don't pull their weight around the house and the majority of housework falls on the woman, she's going to be more tired, and probably have some resentment toward him because she has to do all the housework, so she will probably be in the mood less often.

In contrast, in households where the house work is shared more equally, I'd think that would make a big difference. I know that for me, one of the quickest ways to kill affection/romantic feelings is a guy who takes it for graned that I am a housemaid and will do all of the cleaning. So yeah...egalitarian guys who share in housework probably do have more sex. Let that serve as an incentive for all of the men who don't pull their weight around the house.


vicki said...

been there, lived that and sadly did do the 'clap for me i did the dishes' because i thought the positive reinforcement might make a difference... i'm happily single now :)

Shannon said...

Hhhmmmm... This reminds me of a conversation I was having with my dh just last week ;)