Monday, June 2, 2008

Various Interesting Things

Sorry I've been away for a while, a relative passed away recently and I've been taking a break from being online so much.

Now, here are some things I just have to bring up:

Sarah Haskins has struck again, and it's pure platinum!

I can't decide which one I like better, the yogurt one or this one. They're both so hilarious and spot on! I am so FREAKING SICK of Jamie Lee Curtis discussing her digestive health! But I am also so FREAKING SICK of the plethora of wedding shows, which insiunate that all women think about weddings all the time. Single women long for their "special day", which we've ALL been dreaming about since we were little girls, of course. And married women just love to relive their glory day, apparently. Who wants to join me in sending a "You Rock!" card to Sarah Haskins?

And of course, the nutty right wingers at the American Life League are planning "The Pill Kills" day on Saturday, June 7th, the 33rd anniversary of Griswold v. Connecticut, which struck down a Connecticut ban which prohibited birth control. Yes, it flat out prohibited birth control, even for married couples, regardless of whether they already had kids or not. has a fantastic article about the craptastic propaganda that ALL is pushing about the birth control pill, and RH Reality Check has another good article about it, and goes into ALL's nutty talking points on their web site. Ugh.

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UKShell said...

i love that Target Women bride p*ss take.
I laughed my ass off!